How long does your fairy floss last?

Months! We pack all our fairy floss in to air tight, food safe containers (that can be recycled). This keeps your fluffy treats fresh longer than our previously used bags. Please be mindful, slight shrinkage during transit may occur in warmer months. 

To maximise this, we recommend storing your fairy floss in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight or heat.

Once opened and exposed to air, fairy floss does not stay fluffy too long, so you need to return the lid back on completely (if you have the will power) Haha!


I have dietary requirements - Is this suitable?

Most of our fluffy treats are all gluten free, vegan friendly and dairy free, YES!!
My daughter is a coeliac and enjoys these just fine :)

However we do have a couple minor exceptions

Cookies & Cream: contains wheat.
We use crushed Oreo's and they are vegan friendly though!

Choc-Tella; contains nuts & dairy. GLUTEN FREE. 
We use Nutella.


What size are your tubs?

MINI: 15g or 6.5cm H x 9.5cm Dia. or 280ml container

SML: 19g or 8.5cm H x 9.5cm Dia. or a 365ml container

SHARE: 50g or 17.5cm H x 11.5cm Dia. or an 875ml container


When can I expect my order?

Our standard timeframe is 1-3 business days to dispatch (with the exception of event favours, we work off your requested date) + express postage time, which you will receive tracking for in your email. 

Please be mindful from November 22nd onward, we commence our Christmas collection and final dispatch of wholesale orders. This time is extremely busy and the above mentioned may be pushed out a day or two. We will always be working with your best interested first to ensure a good experience nonetheless.