Our story

I guess you've come here to find out a bit about us!
The Fairy Floss Club was created by Tara Carbis, during one of the hardest times modern Australia has faced, COVID-19. 

Tara, a working mum, was unfortunately (or do we now say, fortunately?!) made redundant from her Administration role of 7 years due to this awful pandemic. Priding herself on the skills she had learnt, her work ethic & high standards, she set the bar high for her next chapter. Getting an interview was proving hard, there were so few roles and so many candidates, Tara said to her family 'well if i can't get a job, i'll create one'. 

It was here when having an addiction to social media became Tara's best friend! She was easily able to identify a gap in the market, locally (and nationally - not that she was ever thinking that big yet!) and bring something new and fun to the Goulburn Valley. The bonus being, her product has a long shelf life, does not need refrigerating and can be shipped (Winner winner chicken dinner - We were mid pandemic!!) 

Fast forward to April 2021, here we are, with 12 amazing Retail Stockists Nationwide, select small e-commerce business' stockists and a whole lot of customer love. WOW!!! Tara's life has never been so colourful and creative... and she wouldn't change it for the world! 

What started as something small during a global pandemic to try get her through until she found a 'real' job has become her sole income, her thoughts, her goals, her happiness.... So don't forget to keep her dreams alive and send someone a box of fluffy love today (Or just treat ya self)!